1. What is thermal indicator?

Overheating location sticker is a flexible sticker like insulating tape, which irreversibly changes colour from white to black after overheating occurs.





2. Why do you need an indicator?

The sticker should be placed on a visible surface of equipment: reductors, bearings, motors, contact connections, etc. Colour change indicates that something wrong happened

3. Advantages of thermo indicators

Reducing the risk of blackouts and fires in electrical installations

  • Assessment of the state of contacts and contact connections at each inspection by operational personnel
  • Detection of overheating at the moment of maximum, and not the existing load
  • Control of elements of electrical circuits inaccessible to the thermal imager

Reducing the cost of operating electrical installations

  • Assessment of the state of contacts without the involvement of specialized organizations
  • Detecting defects at an early stage
  • Reduced accident rate due to timely detection of defects

4. Thermocontrol

Thermal indicator control of contacts and contact connections of electrical equipment is carried out in accordance with the following documents.

Priority equipment for temperature indicator control

  • Hardware clamps outdoor switchgear
  • Cable terminations
  • Cable plugs
  • Plug-in contacts
  • Contact connections of the hardware terminals of the transformer input
  • Lighting boards
  • Main switchboards
  • Introductory switchgears
  • Distribution boards
  • Bearings of electric generators and electric motors
  • Electric motor terminal boxes
  • Batteries
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